Time to Fly Away, over Hills and Forests

After the great review we shall fly away to warm countries, far from here, over hills and forests.

The Storks. Hans Christian Andersen.

It is a commonplace that autumn is one of the best times of the year for a landscape photographer. But, it’s true…I think.

It’s time for enjoying the magnificent and the rich vibrant colors of the foliage. And last but not least, if you want to shoot twilight you don’t have to be out of bed at 4am.

Trough the window of my living room, I can see every day how quickly the color of the foliage change. So I decided to hike trough a Nature Reserve near home.

The parking lot was empty when I arrived and the sun was still under the horizon. I could take some very nice pictures of a fantastic woodland with very old beech and oak trees. The saturated greens of the moss were a perfect frame for the vibrant yellow and orange colors of the foliage.

As the sun was higher, some sunbeams went trough the trees, building soft colors and shadows. A time for a quiet break, enjoying the light, the woodland and the silence…until cyclists and hikers came . It was time to retreat.

On the way back I crossed a dry watercourse when I could see a very, very nice gray heron waiting for his lunch. As I was near him, it flew away.

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