The best way to learn how to create great photographs regularly is to work on projects. This is why projects are both important and valuable for artists. Projects improve your focus, not just your photography. Projects challenge you to become better not just technically, but also artistically. The success of a project rests with how your audience responds to this project, basically whether your audience understands and relates to your project or not. Therefore, a project challenges you to improve the way you express yourself and forces you to learn how to communicate your ideas more effectively through photography.

Alain Briot

The best way to learn photography – or other trades – is to practice. That is why photographers work, regularly, on assignments or projects. They give us a purpose and an idea of what subject matter to photograph and how to photograph that subject.

With each project I’ll try to cover a new topic or concept and it will be chosen to help me to improve my approach to landscape photography.


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