Not Be Able to See the Trees for the Wood

To photograph a woodland its not an easy subject. It can be very difficult to find clean compositions without too many distracting elements.

The first thing we see from the edges of the woodland is a chaotic wall of trunks. It seems imposible – even dangerous- to take a picture of that chaos.

Fog or mist are essential ingredients in many of my woodland images. But I’would licke to try more normal situations.

I will try to visit some interesting woodlands of Central Europe. There are some amazing locations. I would like to work with the different species: beech trees, oak trees, birch trees, maple trees… I don’t like the woods of fir and spruce trees. They are dark and without undergrowth.

Each species give their “culture” to the wood, as every human group do.

I will try to enter that mysterious world….Let’s go!

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