Pas de Deux

It is said, that a Photo Project needs some important steps, like choosing a subjet, setting a goal and defining a timeline. Otherwise, one would’nt reach the goal.

During these days that we have to stay at home, I decided to clean and reviewed my photo library. So, I took the time to properly organize my photo catalog, deleting the definitely non-keepers.

Doing that job, I discovered some pictures I didn’t pay attention and, from my point of view, built a nice history, a nice project.

The pictures show two beings, normaly people or people and dogs, in diferent landscapes and activities. I remembered the Pas de deux, a dance duet in which two dancers perform ballet steps together that portray expressions of affectionate feelings and thoughts between the partners.

Introspection, stillness, contemplation – even meditation -, confidence with the partners, are the subjects of these photos… far away from the noise and masses that, normally, invade the landscapes.

I decided to call this project Pas de deux, a sort of hommage to the people who shares gently place and time with their beloved ones.





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