A Great Need to Get Away

Because we live with tighter restrictions as local lockdown, quarantine, or self-isolation, I thought that, to look for forgotten books in my bookshelves, could be a good idea.

I found the book Wang River Collection of Wang Wei (699 – 759), a Chinese poet, painter, calligrapher, and musician. Wang Wei is especially known as a poet and painter of nature.

Wang River Collection have the Wang Wei’s most famous poetry, a series of couplets written by him and by his friend Pei Di.

After reading some of the poems of Wang Wei:

 Empty hill not see person
 Yet hear person voice sound
 Return scene enter deep forest
 Duplicate light green moss on

 Hills are empty, no man is seen,
 Yet the sound of people's voices is heard.
 Light is cast into the deep forest,
 And shines again on green moss.

 Deer Enclosure. Wang Wei 

 Autumn hill gather surplus shine
 Fly bird chase before companion.
 Colour green moment bright,
 Sunset mist no fixed place.
 The autumn hill gathers remaining light,
 A flying bird chases its companion before.
 The green colour is momentarily bright,
 Sunset mist has no fixed place.
 Lily Magnolia Enclosure. Wang Wei 

I felt a great need to get away, to the woodlands, to enjoy the scents of wet earth, the ephemeral fog and the vibrant colours of fallen leaves.

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