Do Trees Dream of Cleaner Soils, Water and Atmosphere?

One of the best things of landscape photography is that this craft allows a deeper look into the World around us.

It is not only about aperture, shutter speed or composition rules. It is, as well, about, for example, Meteorology, Geography, and Biology.

Working on my project Not Be Able to See the Trees for the Wood, I’ve discovered the secret life of trees.

The trees speak a sophisticated silent language, sharing complex information via smell and electrical impulses. And what impressed me the most, was that trees are social beings: they share food with their own species and sometimes even go so far as to nourish their competitors.

The trees know that there are advantages to working together, which means that trees know the old term of “mutual aid“, popularised by the geographer and philosopher Peter Kropotkin, who defended in his essay Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution, that cooperation, not competition, was the driving mechanism behind evolution.

It seems to me that we, the human beings don’t work together with the trees on the Earth. They suffer a lack of clean soil, clean water and clean atmosphere, three important elements of the cosmologies and mythologies of our cultures that we are poisoning.

The landscape photography allow us to discover the others creatures which we share the planet. And, perhaps, to be more respectful with them.

Take care of you and of others creatures of the planet Earth.

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