Getaway to the Red Cliffs

With the lockdown relaxing in Germany and other European countries, I decided to spend some days visiting a well-know Nature Conservation Area called Red Cliffs, in the basin of a tributary to the Rhine.

The Red Cliffs are huge deposits of the reddish extrusive rock Rhyolite. The walk last around 3 hours, but taking pictures lasted nearly the double.

Fortunately, I didn’t come across anybody.

During the ascent, I had to cross a little forest with Montpellier Mapels, Wild Cherries and Scots Pines, which reminded me the Mediterranean Forest. While I went up the hill, I had two encounters: the first one with a roe deer, the second with a hare. All of us were frightened.

At first I was afraid: the days were sunny, and most of the time I had to work with backlit. One evening I packed a picnic for dinner and I went in search of an spot with nice evening horizontal light.

I think I got home with some interesting shots.

What do you think?

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