The Party is Over

While summer is coming to a close, televisions and newspapers have reported about the drought that the country suffers. The woodlands are in a dreadful state, the trees died and the citizens have to save water.

I wanted to say to summer goodbye and I visited the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park, in the middle of Germany. The national Park borders on the Eder river to the north, wich forms a big reservoir.

It was difficult to hike in the woodlands of the National Park. Some parts of the route are shared with cyclists. They go fast, and most of the time, they show an aggressive behaviour towards pedestrians. Although they pretend to be “green”, in fact they show an authoritarian behaviour. It seems to me, that a new “fundamentalism” is growing between the activists in the environmental movement.

I hiked along the empty basin of the reservoir. It was a strange feeling. The pontoons and some boats lay over the ground. It was possible to walk between the rests of an old bridge and the foundations of some houses.

I saw a men coming to me. Behind him, a platform looked like an abandoned boat. It was as if a sailor had to continue his sailing on foot.

I thought: yes, the party is over.

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