Its Winter , Still and Silent…Really?

It was a cold morning and hard to get up and go out. It was snowing heavily, and I enjoy the snow like little children. So, I went out.

I hiked in the forest and things were quiet there, except for the crunch of untouched snow beneath my boots.

After two or three kilometers, the trail followed a dark stream, which water ran fast. It was impressive beeing in the middle of a fantastic world made of a delicate architecture, listening the sound of running water.

It is winter, still and silent, what a wonderful world! – I said to me.

Later, in the middle of the forest, I found an old cemetery, a Jewish cemetery. The oldest grave was from 1831. The newest, from 1925. In 1933-34, the cemetery was devastated.

Suddenly, I remembered some images of devastations we are witnesses these days, like refugees camps on Europe.

Winter, still and silent…really?

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