The Roaring Twenties Again?

I have curled mid the boles of the ash wood,
I have hidden my face where the oak
Spread his leaves over me, and the yoke
Of the old ways of men have I cast aside.

Ezra Pound. Personae.

After a cold and rainy May, June hat brought unusual hot days, days during which the people spread across the recreational areas as nature and city parks, woodlands, beaches, lakes and rivers, leaving behind them a trail of plastic bags, beer cans and masks. Are we facing a new Roaring Twenties period with dramatic social and political changes?.

In any case, I’m too old – and for this reason a little bit melancholy and very pessimistic about the future -, to participate in that cheerfulness.

However, I used a couple of nice days to hide my face where the oaks (or beech trees), spread their leaves over me.

2 thoughts on “The Roaring Twenties Again?

  1. Summer is the best time to seek solace in the woods. The young people can have the beaches and parks.

    I think you’re right that the next decade will bring dramatic changes around the world. I’m cautiously optimistic, but things will probably get worse before they get better. Maybe the pandemic will turn out to be an inflection point in human development, or maybe it will be a temporary blip with few lasting effects.


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