The Snow as a Shaman

One of the first days of January, a dick layer of snow covered the landscape. During the next few minutes I hesitated to awake, however at last I did it and went for a hike.

At that hour, I found quiet trails and deserted woodlands and between the bare trees it was a deep stillness. Being out there feeling the pure silence of winter was gorgeous. Only the sound of snow crunching under my boots broke the silence.

Although it was dark, I walked quickly as I knew the path very well, because it was crucial for me to be on location for the first light of the day. Once on location, I waited for the light, which came slowly, as it was an awfully cloudy day.

And, suddenly, it happened. The snow, acting as a Shaman, interacted as a medium between the spirits of the forest and me. Between the snow, the dark shapes of the trees were such as archaic, telluric Spirits of the Frozen Forest.

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