A Question of Trade

I live in a densely populated region between roads, highways, and industrial parks, a set of ordinary places with ordinary subject matter, a small wood, a stream and a pool. These ā€“ the wood, the stream and the pool – therefore are the three landscapes where I have carried out my photographic fieldwork.

In these unusual and lesser visited locations, I spent a lot of time trying to get great landscape pictures and, even though I learned a lot and I enjoyed being outside having fun, in the end, I believed I had nothing of value in terms of quality images for most of these excursions. For a long time, I believed that the quickest way to build a beautiful landscape image portfolio was to photograph beautiful landscape locations.

But now, I know that is not true. It’s more a question of a serious work on a long process of apprenticeship. It is possible to take good pictures of ordinary places with ordinary subject matter. It is just a question of trade.

In this way, I started with the Local Landscapes project.

4 thoughts on “A Question of Trade

  1. This realization sounds very familiar to me, Xavier. I held a similar belief, 15 or so years ago: that I was just living in the wrong place, with a complete lack of “epic” landscapes with stunning vistas, dramatic clouds over wide open spaces, and all that. šŸ™‚

    Nowadays, I’m tired of those more, and have come to appreciate to thought that goes into, and the calmness that emanates from intimate landscapes far more. You’re on the best possible path to true happiness with your own photography.


    1. I have that feeling , Alex, that I’m on the good path with my own photography. But, as I suppose you know very well, we are not satisfied. Always there is a step more to do…. thank you very much for your kind comment!


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