Last August was the hottest month yet recorded. Some heatwaves across Europe, in conjunction with unusually drought, have led to a summer of extreme high temperatures and forest fires in many parts of Europe, with disastrous consequences for society and nature in various ways.

Some regions in Germany reminded me of the semi-arid plateau (Meseta) of the central region of Spain, Castile.

Being in the need of fresh air and, yes, water, I decided to hike and to photograph in the Bohemian Forest, known in Czech as Šumava, a heavily eroded old mountain range in Central Europe.

Šumava,the Bohemian Forest is the dividing range between the watersheds of the Black Sea and the North Sea, and because the heavy precipitation, the Šumava region is an important water reservoir for Central Europe.

While hiking, I took some pictures of the streams and the woods, and although some days before my arrival it rained a lot, I could see the damage caused by drought.

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