Unexpected Subject

Some friends of mine wanted that I should take part on a project, with a name something like The True of the Animal.

I have no idea of taking pictures of animals and I didn’t understand the real scope of the project.

Regardless of that problems, I visited the banks of Main river where usually there are swans, cormorants, mallards, egyptian geese, and of course seagulls and pigeons.

But I didn’t see any birds. Provide that, nearby it was a town with an important industrial park with many office buildings, I decided to take some “architeture” pictures. The moment was appropiate: sunny day, noon, great contrast. Perfect for practising Blak & White photos.

Wandering at Sunrise

After some weeks confined at home, it seems that many people are holding their breath for the future, while others are anxious about life returning to normal, whatever that normal could be.

While at home, I saw how many photographers have put on the web a lot of interesting videos, workshops, conversations… A lot of helpful resources to feed the feeling that we are not alone, showing how important is to share with others.

Here, near the Taunus range, in April, we have had neither rain nor clouds. What to do? I remembered a place, just 5 or 6 Km away from home, with no special interest, except for some aligned trees. I went there before sunrise and took some pictures. The most pleasant was the walk between the fields, with a very cold air, looking how busy were the birds that had their nests between the crops.

March, even Some Exposures..

Before the winter ended, I wanted to take, if possible, some exposures with a minimalist approach, to practise clean, perhaps semi-abstracts compositions. For example, selecting an isolated tree against a white backdrop.

At the end of March, I visited the Black Forest, a large, imposing, forested mountain range in southwest Germany.

Luckily I found a Campsite close to the Feldberg, the highest peak with an elevation of 1,493 metres (4,898 ft) above sea level and the weather was as bad as I needed. Foggy and wet. And, of course, I found a snow-covered landscape, which gave me unique opportunities for taking the pictures I wanted.

Now, we have to stay at home, trying to avoid that the disease spread out…

Take care and remain healthy.